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The Bed

Once you remove the pieces from the packaging, The Bed can be assembled in around five minutes by one person without tools. For those who prefer to take their time, you're still likely to be all set-up in under fifteen minutes.
While you can use a box spring with The Bed, we highly recommend against it. The Slats are perfectly spaced at just under 3” apart to evenly hold up your mattress while providing optimum support and breathability. We also recommend against bed skirts. The Bed is meant to be seen.
The color of The Bed is a neutral, natural walnut. Because we use 100% real wood, you can expect unique grains and slight color variation. These subtle imperfections are indicative of authentic wood, and should be celebrated. It will appear slightly warmer in artificial lighting, cooler in natural lighting, and darker in dim lighting.
The PillowBoard is an innovative Thuma design that fits perfectly between your mattress and wall (or any flat surface behind your bed). It’s a hybrid headboard and pillow, providing a simple, minimal look and a stable but soft place to lean back and stack pillows against. It’s not attached to the frame, but when used correctly it’s designed to stay in place, while being easily removable, as needed. It can also accommodate for any extrusions (like walls, molding, and window sills) up to 3" in size without any problems.
Yes! The slip cover is easily removable and washable so that it's easy to keep things fresh. For best results, wash cold and hang dry, or dry clean as needed.
Yes, because it isn’t attached to the frame, The PillowBoard has been designed to sit between your mattress and wall, or any flat surface.
Very strong! The Bed is designed not to squeak or creak, and has a weight capacity of 1,500 lbs +.
Yes. The Bed has been designed to work with all mattresses, including foam, bed-in-a-box, spring, hybrids, and traditional mattresses. The Slats are spaced just under 3” apart for optimal support and breathability. All mattress thicknesses will work with The Bed, with larger mattresses covering up more of The PillowBoard for a minimalist look, and thinner mattresses creating a more accentuated design element. We use standard mattress height (10-11”) in all of our in-house photography.

The Bed has been designed to work with U.S. standard mattress sizes, and is currently available in:

Our primary manufacturing partners of The Bed are currently based in Vietnam and the U.S. Read more about our materials, partners, and environmentally-friendly supply chain efforts on our About page.
Yes! The Bed is officially Greenguard certified. This means that all of our materials have undergone extremely thorough testing and meet some of the world’s most rigorous third party emissions standards. So, The Bed isn't just good for the environment, it’s good for you, too. Learn more about Greenguard certification in our Sustainability FAQs.
No, The Bed is still the same great design, made of the same sustainable materials. Low chemical emissions, cleaner air, and a healthier indoor environment for you have been true from the very start. The only difference is now it’s official.
The Bed has an edge measuring 3/4" which is designed specifically to hold the mattress firmly in place.

The Nightstand

The Nightstand needs no assembly. Simply remove it from its packaging and it’s ready to go. And, for those who prefer a taller nightstand or have a taller mattress, you can add optional legs on the bottom, that easily twist in with no tools.
The Nightstand is a neutral, natural walnut, just like The Bed. Because we use 100% natural wood, you can expect unique grains and organic slight color variation. These subtle imperfections indicative of real wood should be expected and celebrated. The Nightstand and The Bed will appear slightly warmer in artificial lighting, cooler in natural lighting, and darker in dim lighting.
Our primary manufacturing partners for The Nightstand are based in Vietnam. Read more about our materials, partners, and environmentally-friendly supply chain efforts on our About page.
The Nightstand measures 20” w x 15” d x 20” h without The Legs and 20” w x 15” d x 24” h with The Legs.
Absolutely not! We included The Legs to help you find the perfect height for The Nightstand. This can be based on mattress height or personal preference. There’s no wrong way to do it.
They measure 4” tall, ideal for a little extra lift.
The Drawer measures 16” w x 12” d x 4.5” h. Perfect for storing whatever you need close-by and out of sight.
The top tray is set ¼” into The Nightstand with a beautiful beveled edge to keep everything where it belongs.
The open air space measures 12”. Perfect for books and blankets, or leave it unfilled for an ultra-minimal look.
Not yet, but we’re working on it! The Nightstand is made of the same upcycled wood as The Bed, so you can rest assured that it’s just as good for the environment, and for you, as its predecessor. We’ll be sure to let you know when it’s official. Stay tuned!
The Drawer Stop is a small wooden piece which keeps The Drawer from falling out of The Nightstand when you open it. In the locked position, you can use The Drawer as normal. In the unlocked position, you can slide The Drawer out completely to make the moving, rearranging, and organizing easier. You can find it on the underside of the top of The Nightstand when you open The Drawer.
The Nightstand is finished with an oil-based natural walnut colored stain that will develop a beautiful patina over time. To maintain this beautiful neutral color, it’s best to avoid moisture and keep out of direct sunlight. Using a coaster for drinks and a soft cloth for cleaning is recommended.

The Sleeve

It takes no time at all. There’s no assembly required. You simply need to lift your mattress slightly and follow the instructions on how to attach The Sleeve to The Bed.
The Sleeve is made of upcycled rubberwood in a natural finish and 100% wool felt in a beautiful heathered grey.
We recommend no more than 5lbs.
The Sleeve is made of the same upcycled rubberwood as The Bed and The Nightstand, but in a natural finish, and 100% sustainable wool felt, in a heathered grey.
The Sleeve is designed in San Francisco, CA and made in Los Angeles, CA.
The Sleeve measures 13.5” w x 16” h. The Pocket measures just under 13.5” w x 6.5” h. The Sleeve sits just about 5” above the floor.
The Sleeve can hold a laptop with a 13” length/width horizontally and a larger laptop vertically.
The Sleeve is made of 100% sustainable wool felt that is stain resistant by nature, but if needed you can use a mild solution of 1/3 detergent or dish soap and 2/3 water to clean everyday stains. For harsher stains, we recommend dry cleaning.
We don’t recommend The Sleeve for any other bed frames, as it was designed specifically to pair with The Bed.
The Sleeve has been designed to work with all U.S. standard mattress sizes.

The Gift Card

We send it for you. You’ll enter the recipient’s email as part of the purchase process and once the purchase is complete we’ll send an email to your recipient with all the information they need to redeem. Simple!
We offer a digital gift card in denominations of $100, $250, $500, and $1000.
Yes! You’ll receive an email confirming your purchase and the recipient will receive a digital version of The Gift Card via email. Their email will let them know who The Gift Card is from and detail the steps necessary for use.
Yes. Affirm is an alternate method that allows you to pay in monthly installments. For more information, visit Affirm’s website here.
Yes, if there is a balance after you add The Gift Card, you can use any other payment option to complete your purchase.
The Gift Card is final sale.
We can only refund the original payment method. So in the case of a return from a purchase with The Gift Card, it will be re-credited.
The Gift Card is valid for any Thuma purchase! If the purchase is more than the amount on the card, you’ll be asked to pay the difference. If the purchase is less than the amount on the card, you’ll have a remaining balance that can be used on another item!
We currently only offer The Gift Card in denominations of $100, $250, $500, and $1000.
After you add your item to your cart and start checkout, you can redeem the value of The Gift Card by entering its unique code in the upper right box that’s labeled “gift card / discount code”. Click apply and you’ll be all set. The balance is applied to the total value of your order, which also includes taxes and shipping.
No, take your time. Your Staycation is ready whenever you are!
Don’t worry, we’ll also send the purchaser a confirmation email with The Gift Card number and details. If that gets lost too, just reach out to us at with your order number and we’d be happy to help.
Not at this time, but we’re working on implementing that in the future!

Shipping and Delivery

Generally our products ship within 1-5 business days (Monday-Friday) and deliver in 1-5 business days, not including weekends and federal holidays. In some instances, and in certain zip codes, deliveries may be made on Saturday and Sunday.

Shipping estimates can vary depending on product availability. You can see estimated shipping dates under the "Add to Cart" button. All transit times shown below are estimates. Please note that some products come in multiple boxes, and therefore might arrive on different days.

Estimated delivery map

The Bed ships free in three boxes designed to fit upstairs and through hallways, as needed. Although able to be carried by one person, it’s truly a breeze with two.

Box dimensions and weights for each size are as follows:

Box 1 - 83” x 13” x 5" - 54 lbs
Box 2 - 43” x 14” x 9" - 45 lbs
Box 3 - 38” x 23” x 5" - 8 lbs

Box 1 - 82” x 12” x 5" - 55 lbs
Box 2 - 58” x 13” x 9" - 55 lbs
Box 3 - 54” x 23” x 5" - 9 lbs

Box 1 - 88” x 12” x 5" - 60 lbs
Box 2 - 63” x 13” x 9" - 63 lbs
Box 3 - 59” x 23” x 5" - 10 lbs

Box 1 - 88” x 12” x 5" - 60 lbs
Box 2 - 78” x 13” x 9" - 66 lbs
Box 3 - 74” x 23” x 5" - 12 lbs

Box 1 - 92” x 12” x 5” - 63 lbs
Box 2 - 75” x 13” x 9” - 66 lbs
Box 3 - 71” x 23” x 5” - 12 lbs

The Nightstand ships free, fully-assembled, in one box which measures 25” x 20” x 25” and weighs 55 lbs. Although it’s manageable for one person, it’s a breeze with two.
We ship throughout the U.S, with free shipping within the contiguous U.S. Currently, we don’t have an ETA on international shipping, but please stay tuned!
If you'd like to schedule a shipment the Thuma Concierge team is happy to help. Immediately after you place your order, email with the following subject line: Schedule Shipping [Order Number]. Please also include the weekday date you'd like for your order to arrive. Our team will do our best to time the shipment so it arrives on, or slightly after, the desired date.
We do our best to make sure all 3 boxes for The Bed arrive together, but sometimes they may arrive at different times. This goes for orders including multiple products as well. Unfortunately, this is out of our control. If you haven’t received everything, please go to your shipping confirmation email to access your FedEx tracking number. There you’ll be able to click on “multi-piece shipment” which will provide access to all tracking numbers corresponding to your shipment with estimated delivery times.
In the unlikely event that your order arrives damaged, please don’t hesitate to email the Concierge team at right away. They’ll be sure to respond as quickly as possible to get the situation resolved and replacements shipped out. Be sure to include a photo of the issue so we can log it and take steps so it doesn’t happen again.
The Sleeve ships free, in one box which measures 15.5” w x 9.5”d x 2” h, and weighs about 5 lbs. It’s super simple to set up and can be done by one person in a few minutes.

Ordering, Returns, and Support

By cutting out middlemen and selling directly to you, we’re able to design and manufacture beautifully designed, long-lasting pieces with incredibly high-quality materials at much lower prices than traditional luxury retailers.
We partner with Affirm to offer financing options. If you'd like to use Affirm to complete your purchase, add your selections to your cart and begin check-out. After you fill out shipping information, select "continue to shipping method.” You will then be able to select Affirm as a payment option. Follow their directions from there.

We want everyone to love our products much as we do, but if for any reason you’d like to initiate a return, we’re here to help. We offer a 100 night risk-free trial for your first purchase of The Bed and The Nightstand. Reach out within the 100 night trial and we’ll set up a complimentary return. We ask that you hold onto your original packaging (3 boxes for The Bed; 1 box for The Nightstand) if you're thinking about a return. We’ll send you prepaid shipping labels, and once the product is checked in at our warehouse, we’ll issue a full refund.

We are also happy to offer returns for your first purchase of The PillowBoard Cover within 14 days of receipt of the product.

The Gift Card, The Sleeve, The Favorite Hoodie Blanket, The Lounge and Leisure Socks, and our lifestyle items are final sale.

The Bed and The Nightstand are built to last and backed with a lifetime warranty. We don’t offer a warranty on any other items. For warranty details, please click here.
We don't offer phone support as we've found most people hate waiting on hold as much as we do. We provide the fastest and best support via email. We'll be sure to get back to you within 1 business day, but usually much sooner than that. If you have any questions, please reach out to
The referral program offers a chance to share The Bed with a friend. You can give a $45 credit towards The Bed and receive a $45 credit toward your next bedroom upgrade of $100 or more, when your friend checks out with The Bed.


Sustainability and the environment are considered at every step of everything we do. A few key things to note:

  • - The Bed is officially Greenguard certified.
  • - The Nightstand is under review for a Greenguard certification.
  • - The Bed and The Nightstand are made of upcycled rubberwood.
  • - The Bed and The Nightstand are built to last a lifetime, with the hope that they rarely ever end up as part of the 10 million tons of furniture waste each year, and have a lifetime warranty to match.
  • - We donate one tree for every bed and nightstand sold through One Tree Planted.
  • - We only use recyclable paper in our packaging. No plastic, styrofoam, or bubble wrap in sight!
  • - We are carbon neutral on all inbound shipping.
A Greenguard Certification is a specification, by product, that all materials used in the construction have undergone extremely thorough testing for chemicals, including off gassing VOCs, formaldehydes, and all aldehydes, and have been scientifically proven to meet some of the world’s most rigorous third party emissions standards. The lower the chemical emission, the cleaner and less polluted the indoor air, the lower the risk of chemical exposure, and the healthier the environment.
Both The Bed and The Nightstand are officially Greenguard certified.

VOCs are Volatile Organic Compounds, which are compounds that easily become vapors or gases. Though they are often associated with burning fuel such as gasoline, wood, coal, or natural gas, they also come from everyday consumer products.

For a Greenguard certification, our VOC levels needed to be ≤ 0.25 mg/m³. We tested at 0.008 mg/m³, which is 30 plus times under the VOC level criteria. We feel really good about these numbers and know it makes a real difference in the world and for customers. The Bed means less indoor pollution, cleaner air, and a better environment for you.

While we don’t officially have a Greenguard certification for The Nightstand just yet, it’s made with the exact same materials as The Bed, so you can rest assured that it’s around a similar VOC level as The Bed.

The Brand

You must be thinking about “bedtime”. But we’re talking about Bed Time, the celebration of all the best times that happen on The Bed while you’re awake. Our beds are the foundation of our lives, where we start, end, and sometimes spend our days. It’s not just that fluffy, sleepy stuff (although we fully support plenty of that, too).

It’s a family name that has been passed down from a grandfather who crafted timeless furniture pieces out of beautiful wood. Meticulously detailed, these pieces all came together using precise joinery, without the crutch of metal hardware. They found permanent homes after being gifted to family and friends. Decades old now, these pieces are still enjoyed and celebrated today, a testament to their design, quality, and longevity.

Our name represents that same attention to detail, dedication to craftsmanship, and appreciation for lounge & leisure, as the original.

We have more thoughtfully designed bedroom essentials in the works that will make you feel like you’re checking into your favorite boutique hotel. Have something you’d like us to make? Shoot us a note at