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Bedroom Dressers & Under Bed Storage

Mindfully designed and elegantly crafted, our bedroom dresser collection combines timeless craftsmanship with minimalist style to elevate your everyday life. Made of 100% real, upcycled wood, Thuma's dressers are space-creating pieces that bring organization to the most important room in the home. Each bedroom dresser combines meticulous craftsmanship and innovative functionality with a simple assembly process. Available in multiple configurations and allowing the ability to incorporate Dresser Drawer add-ons, you can customize an arrangement to accommodate unique spaces and storage necessities. Simply add or remove drawers as needs change. 

Combined with the Underbed Storage Bin, you’ll enjoy a roomier living space that’s free of clutter. The underbed storage bins fit perfectly under The Bed for easy and discreet storage. The bins’ sturdy lid and textured bottom panel make for easy sliding and quick access. Crafted from high quality and long-lasting PET felt crafted from recycled plastic bottles. Dark hue maintains the minimalist, open-air feel of The Bed. Designed to be displayed or disappear, as desired.